Hi! I'm Whit.

i live in Seattle with my little ladies, Harte and Winslet and my very sexy husband, Garrett.

date nights are a decision between thai food and sushi. our happy place is anywhere sandy. we reference Southpark daily. we listen to Christmas music year round and Garrett has a Christmas tattoo (the love runs deep). our evenings are spent either having dance parties or pillow fights with our girls. we've been ripping our house apart to try and be like Chip and Joanna but it's like, way more work then we thought it was going to be. sylvan esso, jeffrey martin, beyonce, hamilton, or the lumineers are usually on high volume at our house. 

i've carried a camera on me since forever. the point and shoot in high school. the rebel after that. and then the big daddy when i wanted my art to become a business. my heart is in the gritty and the vulnerable and the emotion.