how to mentally prepare.


HAVE fun, okay!

because we want to capture organic interactions and family play - mentally prepare for an hour of playing hard with your babes! which might mean keeping time before and after your shoot clear so that you are able to be fully relaxed during our time. or it may mean having a glass of wine before our shoot. whatever it takes. 

how to plan the time

Activities. what hobby encapsulates this season for you. do you guys love bringing home Krispy Kremes? doing puzzles together? do you have a favorite snuggle spot? licking ice cream cones together? think of two or three things we can capture!

Bribes. for toddler aged kiddos - bringing snacks that aren't visible in photos can help keep them smiling and obeying i.e. raisins, chocolate chips. for kids a little older - have a bribe out and ready! maybe surprising them with a new stuffed animal and playing with that together. maybe intertwining it with a planned activity i.e. ice cream cones. having it out and new during the shoot can sometimes work better than a 'future' bribe!

Bribe Your Husband. with anything that works. 



how to prep your home

Declutter :: clutter distracts from the heart of a photograph. I won't notice if you vacuum, but if you can keep extra toys or excess clutter tucked in a separate bedroom or closet while I am there, it will keep your images clean.

Window Light :: turn off all the artificial lighting! we will only working with what comes through your windows straight from heaven!

Open the Shades :: since we want only window light, we need as much of it as possible! have all the shades open as much as they can be!



The styling of the shoot can take good photos and make them incredible photos. It can take some consideration so preparing before your babe is here can help!

For Everybody :: texture and movement both photograph beautifully. texture being knits, wools, denims. movement is dresses or robes that have a flow to them. avoid bright colors as they'll reflect on each others faces! 

For Dad :: looking 'in-home' is important. collars, tucked in shirts and shoes all look stiff and out of place in-home. henley's and jeans are a safe bet!

For Momma :: dresses and getting your hair and make-up done can feel out of place for us mommas at home, but they sure as hell make you look smokin in your photos!

For Kiddos :: texture! movement! personality! just avoid logos or clothes with words on them.