newborn guidebook

so you can focus on the cuddling.


this will be fun!

We are totally on baby time! If babe wants to nurse, eat, poop, sleep, we just go with what babe wants! 

Our time will look like just hopping around the most photogenic spots in your house and by all your windows. A lot of time in your bed getting those cuddle photos and by your couch in your family room if theres good window light on it. Maybe in your favorite feeding chair. Maybe in your kitchen. Wherever the wind takes us. 


HOW TO PREP your home

Declutter :: distractions in images take away from the heart of an image. My camera won't be able to tell if you vacuumed- but having excess trinkets, bags, clutter tucked in a closet will keep the photo clean.

Window Light :: turn off all artificial lighting! we will work only with what comes through your windows straight from heaven. 

Open the Shades :: since we want only window light, we need as much of it as possible! have all the shades open as much as they can be!




What to wear

The styling of the shoot can take good photos and make them incredible photos. It can take some consideration so preparing before your babe is here can help!

For Everybody :: texture and movement both photograph beautifully. texture being knits, wools, denims. movement is dresses or robes that have a flow to them. avoid bright colors as they'll reflect on each others faces! 

For Dad :: looking 'in-home' is important. collars, tucked in shirts, shoes all look stiff and out of place in-home. henley's and jeans are a safe bet!

For Momma :: sometimes my mommas like having a more relaxed look and a dressy look, feel free to do both! robe's are always gorgeous for the relaxed look and add some intimacy to the photos. 

For Babe :: make sure the clothes fit! it's hard to know if they will be in newborn size still or 0-3 months already, and its common to buy up so they can grow into it, but clothes that don't fit will just make them look swallowed! avoid logos or clothes with words on them. 



Decide ahead of time if you want more intimate photos!

They can be nursing or just cuddling! The vulnerable ones can have some of the most emotion felt in them, even if they aren't ones you want on your facebook! It helps to decide ahead of time something to wear and what you are comfortable with! Tasteful skin exposure would be clavicle bones, shoulders, necks, arms, or legs!